Would You Rather...? for Women


Would You Rather…?: For Women: Over 300 Fabulously Feminine Dilemmas to Ponder (Paperback)

By Diane Bullock
Edited by Justin Heimberg & David Gomberg
ISBN-13: 978-193473422-3
Dimensions: 6 × 4.25 inches
Pages: 232

Would You Rather…?: For Women contains questions strong enough for a man, but made just for a woman. The latest Would You Rather…? installment is filled with all-new, all-hilarious, all-thought-provoking dilemmas exclusively for the female mind. Would You Rather…?: For Women will have you and your friends talking and laughing as you ponder questions like:

Would You Rather…
never fight with your boyfriend
fight once a week and have great make-up sex?

Would You Rather…
be able to shake off leg hair like a wet dog
reposition fat cells like squeezing a tube of toothpaste?

Would You Rather…
have your boobs drop 6 inches overnight
your butt drop 6 inches overnight?